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Thursday, January 23, 2020 by Pastor Seth

Welcome to the new Pastor’s page!

My name is Seth Odor. I am the new pastor here at First Baptist Church in Camanche, IA. I am honored and humbled to be able to pastor this church. The Lord has been working on and through this church for 150 years!

You will want to join us at 10:15 AM for our morning service if:

  1. You want to hear about Christ and Him crucified. This is the center of everything we do. We are a Bible believing, Bible preaching, gospel centered church. 
  2. You dont want all the distraction of “hip” entertainment. You will not find us worshiping with distractions such as lights, loud music etc. We sing a few hymns, recite scripture together, and the Word is preached. We worhsip with reverence and awe before our Holy God.
  3. You want expositional preaching. This means that the Word is preached usually in a verse-by-verse way and we attempt to draw everything out of the words set before us in its context. We do not bounce around trying to frame a “hobby horse” issue. We do not do “how-to” sermons either. All the “how-to” we need is found in the preaching of God’s Word in order. It teaches us what to believe, why we believe it, and finally how to live in light of those things. 
  4. You want genuine fellowship. Our congregation is a loving and welcoming congregation. You can sense it the moment you walk in. The people are full of God’s love and are ready to welcome you whether you are looking for a new church or have never been to church.
  5.  You want a place where your kids can grow. We have amazing sunday school teachers that have years of experience in leading children through the Bible. We have sunday school for all ages.                                                

I will be writing regularly on here. Check back for updates as I share some of my thoughts.

In Christ, 

Pastor Seth

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